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Kundalini Yoga

Explore the rhythmic flow of Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness – a fusion of science and art to unleash your innate potential. 

People meditating in a group Kundalini Yoga class

The yoga of awareness


Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic kriya-based practice relevant for all ages and stages of life. It's so much more than just a set of yogic exercises or postures. It's a specific alchemic blend of:


  • Physical postures and movement

  • Breathwork or pranayam

  • Sacred sound and rhythm (including gong, chanting mantras and dance)

  • Meditation and mudras (hand gestures)

  • Relaxation

What is a 'kriya'? 


The word 'kriya' means 'completed action'.  It gives you an experience of your potential, the best version of you, in the present moment.


Each kriya is like a piece of music. A perfect symphony of energy, tones and feelings that are played in the instrument of the body. 


Practising Kundalini Yoga stimulates the glandular systems, particularly the pituitary and pineal glands. It also supports nervous system balance and regulation by toning the vagus nerve. A healthy vagus nerve supports your digestive system, helps to regulate your sleep patterns, and calms your nerves.


It can help you stay grounded yet adaptable during periods of change and uncertainty. A bit like the branches of a tree in the wind. Be like bamboo, strong yet yielding. This enables you to use the energy of the higher chakras, of the mind and the emotions, in a more positive, effective and conscious way.


A regular Kundalini Yoga practice builds the capacities of self-awareness and inner vitality so that you can let go of negative emotional programming and help fulfil your highest potential.


It’s about how you take the unseen and make it seen. It’s how you take the love in your heart and create an action into the world. Essentially, it gives you the power to walk the path of your heart, your individuality and uniqueness and to deliver that into the world swiftly.

What is Kundalini energy?


The word ‘kundalini’ literally means ‘the curl in the lock of hair of the beloved’ – a metaphor for dormant energy that lays coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine with the potential of all consciousness.


It’s the awakening of that dormant energy or 'Shakti' energy which stimulates our self-sensory system and transformation – to connect us with the infinite.

A transformational practice

Kundalini Yoga has the power to transform and make a difference to our lives very quickly. In my experience, it’s the fastest way to harmonise the body, mind and the soul.

Each lesson explores effective techniques to:

  • Relieve stress, balance the glands and nervous system

  • Increase stability and vitality

  • Improve mental clarity and concentration

  • Sharpen the senses to build awareness

  • Shift old patterns and find inner freedom within

From my own research and experience, I invite you to explore movement through a micro lens – feeling and sensing in relation to the elements, chakras and meridians, opening your awareness to the bigger picture.

You'll discover new ways to move naturally. To break through physical, emotional and mental blocks – harmonising mind, body and soul with your truth, your authentic self, your Sat Nam.

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